Managing Endowment Funds
for Nonprofit Organizations and
Charitable Foundations

“Clark Capital is privileged to partner with nonprofit organizations
in an effort to help secure their financial stability by preserving
and growing endowments that can enable their long-term viability.
As founder and chairman of Clark Capital, I am committed to
guiding our nonprofit clients through the many ‘best practices’
that we believe will enable them to succeed in their missions.”

Harry J. Clark, CFP®
Executive Chairman

Our Mission

Clark Capital Cares, a division of Clark Capital Management Group, Inc., was developed to help preserve and grow the endowment funds of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations form a “safety net” for many communities. Selfless volunteers and dedicated staffers help lift the needy from poverty, offer solace and care to those suffering, provide enriched educational opportunities to students at all levels, and expand our world view through diverse cultural programs.

Clark Capital Cares is specifically designed to provide the highest level of guidance regarding nonprofit investment management and to offer a wide array of investment vehicles to meet each organization’s needs.

Charity Is at Our Core

Charitable giving is one way that many people elect to support a specific cause or organization that is close to their heart. In this spirit of giving, Clark Capital identifies a charity to support each month. A donation is made, supported by the proceeds of an employee “casual day,” a matching contribution by the Firm, and a similar contribution by the principal. Opportunities are sought for employees to serve within the community or to contribute to seasonal causes.

Whether your organization supports sick children, the enviroment, the arts, or even your local animal shelter, Clark Capital will work hard to ensure that you meet your objectives.

Overcoming Challenges

As a non-profit organization, you have been charged with a profound responsibility: to permanently ensure the long-term financial stability of your organization by preserving and growing your endowment fund.

Unfortunately, professionally managed endowment funds are required to update and maintain documents that clearly define financial objectives and obligations. These include Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy and Investment Policy Statements. Each must be consistent with regulations described in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA).

In order to help you succeed within this morass of regulatory confusion and fiduciary responsibility, Clark Capital Cares can help your organization conduct regular document reviews and thorough analyses of your mission statement, unique goals, risk tolerance, general market conditions, as well as monitoring the performance of your investment portfolios.

Making a Difference

Clark Capital Cares’ responsibility as an advisor to the endowment funds entrusted to us is one that we take very seriously. Our experienced investment professionals seek to develop investment strategies uniquely structured to fit your stated financial goals and objectives using a disciplined, quantitative, unemotional process. An investment course is determined only after a detailed consultation with your investment committee and board members. We believe this approach to asset management can help preserve, protect and grow your assets.

It is this commitment to a client-centered approach that has gained Clark Capital Management Group numerous awards and recognition over many years, including being named 2017 Strategist of the Year by Envestnet.

Our Commitment to You

Clark Capital Cares is committed to helping our charitable clients reach their institutional goals. We are extremely proud to be able to serve many nonprofit organizations across the country.

For over a quarter of a century, we have provided sophisticated strategies designed to enhance and preserve principle for our charitable organization clients. Clark Capital’s portfolio managers have consistently performed well in Morningstar rankings against their peers.

As an independent asset management firm, we avoid internal conflicts that may influence our advice — your objectives become ours. To assist you in maintaining and growing your endowment fund is the driving force behind our investment philosophy.

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